Structured training plan

Date: 12/8/21
Training Day: 3
Activity: Strength – Foundation

How It Felt: I can’t even describe how great it feels to be getting back into strength training. Today’s workout was a mix of easy and challenging, but man did it feel fantastic.

Commentary: I enjoy Body Pump a lot, which is why I paid for the Les Mills On Demand subscription. I also enjoy doing TRX workouts and just doing strength training on my own. But there’s something about having a structured training plan that just lights a fire under my ass.

That was the best thing about having a personal trainer. My workouts were crafted for me, and although I would have preferred to know the “science” behind my training, I knew that my personal trainer was getting me to my goals.

Another great workout in the books! Though I’m not sure what this “accessory” is that I worked on…

When I workout on my own I know I’m getting stronger, and I know that being stronger is a good thing. But I’m never quite sure if I’m reaching my goal. Like when I started back up with strength training after the canoe trip, I wanted to gain more muscle and get stronger to help my running. I did research and came up with what I thought was a decent plan, but I always doubted if it was the best plan.

Now that I have this snazzy workout app, I once again know that my workouts are getting me closer to my goal. Instead of fretting over what exercises to do and how many reps and sets, I just follow the prescribed workout. It’s given me that extra bit of motivation I needed.

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