Active recovery?

Date: 10/24/21
Training Day: 41
Miles: 4
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: Low 30s
Activity: Yoga (glute strength)

How It Felt: Meh. The run was meh. Yoga felt pretty good.

Commentary: Yesterday I didn’t stretch after my run because it was cold at Boat Launch Park. I meant to yoga not long after I got home, but I was so tired I didn’t do anything productive the rest of the day.

This morning I woke up and felt just as tired. I waited for the sun to come up before heading out for my run. This wait was longer than I thought it would be because it’s still daylight savings time, and the sun doesn’t rise until almost 8am.

Stuffed acorn squash for lunch this week.

I didn’t have much energy for the run, and it just felt okay. My hip wasn’t feeling as good as it has been, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s due to not stretching yesterday. So, like a good girl (finally), I did yoga.

My goal for the day was to do jack shit, other than prep my lunches for the week. Instead, I’ve been walking around the house and around the block trying to get steps in.

Walking in the rain to try to get in more steps than my boss.

My place of employment has this Virgin Pulse rewards thing that I participate in. You can earn money for your HSA if you track healthy stuff, like how many hours you sleep, steps, etc. To make it more “fun” you can also find folks to be friends with compete for steps.

There’s a rolling seven-day step challenge that is always going on. That means it adds up everyone’s steps for the last seven days and ranks us. I’m usually #1. Every once in a while someone will create a legit challenge where you steps are counted for a certain period of time.

Pardon my shitty blurring of last names. As soon as I’m done typing this I’ll be walking around the house like a caged animal.

The last time we did something like this my boss and I were both walking around our abodes at 11pm trying to get in more steps to beat the other. I finally gave up because I needed sleep. He won, but he could barely walk the next day. Serves him right!

This time I’m determined to beat him, but it’s also determined to beat me. This guy has put in almost as many steps this Saturday and Sunday as he has the entire rest of the week. He is motivated! So, my do-jack-shit day has turned into an active recovery day. Don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll let you know who won.

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