Date: 10/25/21
Training Day: 42
Activity: Indoor rock climbing

How It Felt: Awesome! Did way better than I thought I would, so I felt pretty proud of myself.

Commentary: Last night I got in over 11,000 steps inside my house. I didn’t want to keep walking in the rain, so I stayed inside. For the first time ever I wished I had a treadmill. But I’m also thankful to have a house to walk around because last time I competed with my boss I lived in a one-bedroom apartment and did a bunch of steps inside.

I attempted to not sync the steps from my watch to the app so I could give my boss a false sense of security. But when I went online to check his number of steps, mine managed to sync. Then I noticed a message from him.

He gave up.

At work today he told me he was cruising on his treadmill when his wife came in and ordered him to get off it, take a shower and go to bed. If it weren’t for Mrs. Boss I probably would have lost. So I don’t know if I can call this a real victory. But I did get 30,000 steps in yesterday, and only 9,000 were from my run.

Today a friend and I were supposed to do a women’s costume run with the local trail running club. However, the forecast called for rain with temps in the mid-40s. I like to call that hypothermia weather, and I try not to do much in weather like that. I’ll run while it’s snowing any day, but not the rain.

Would he really have gotten 7,000 more steps before midnight? Probably, lol.

My friend from work is dating the friend I was supposed to go running with, and he suggested we all go to the climbing gym instead. I love indoor rock climbing because it is a great upper body workout, and it’s a lot of fun. We all decided to make this a regular thing, so we bought ten-punch passes.

Now I just need to figure out how to fit rock climbing in with Body Pump, yoga, potentially spin (whenever I finally get a spin bike), hiking, and running. Just have no free time?

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