Moab & the gross toe

Dates: 12/10/22 – 12/11/22
Training Days: Week 5, Days 6 & 7
Miles: 5 (hiking on Sunday)
Mobility/Stretching: No (I suck)
Ate Well: Not really (eating out will do that to ya)

Commentary: Saturday morning I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed and started my strength workout. Yet another night of sleeping like poo left me feeling completely unrested. But I still managed to get through my workout, and between sets, I packed my stuff for our trip to Moab. After my shower I noticed some fluid coming out of my jank toenail hole.

The cat spends more time on my lap during our van trips than she has before, and I’m a big fan.

I assumed the fluid was water from the shower and dabbed it up with some TP. Then I noticed the cuticle looked weird. I ran my thumb across it and the dang cuticle sloughed right off! Ew. I continued to get ready, and as I brought my hand up to my face to put moisturizer on, I noticed a bad smell. Come to find the funky smell was from my jank toe. Double ew. I figured that probably wasn’t a good sign.

Sunrise from our favorite Moab boondocking spot.

We got a bit of a late start, but we still made it to Moab in time to meet my sister and the fam for dinner. Like an idiot, I ate way too much, but I’ve come to expect that from myself. After dinner, we picked up some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to tend to my toe with. I gave the jank toe a good dousing of rubbing alcohol and went to bed.

I got Oreo a kitty puffy! She seemed cold the last time we were in Moab, and I wanted her to be warmer. I also think she looks adorable.

Sunday morning we hit up the coffee shop for caffeine and Wi-Fi so I could work on my project. Then we went with the fam to Arches. We all hiked to the Delicate Arch, and it was a slow hike since the fam isn’t used to hiking. We still had a great time, and after the hike we made lunch in the van.

I also cleaned the jank toe, and let me tell you, it was nasty. The smell hit me as soon as I took the band-aid off. The area below where the cuticle used to be was an angry red, and dark orange-ish fluid oozed out from the cuticle area. Blech! I dabbed some tea tree oil on the dressing of the fresh band-aid with the hopes of killing whatever was making that awful smell and angry redness.

My sister said my niece and I have the same dance. I think she’s right!

Not one to let a rotting toe get me down, I went on another hike with my sister to the Window Arches. While we were hiking we met a couple of vanlife folks and chatted them up for a bit. Then we hiked with one of them to the Double Arch and continued chatting. I truly love meeting wonderful strangers on our adventures.

I love my seastar, and I’m so happy we get to spend some time together!!!

As we were settling into our home for the night, I decided my jank toe needed a visit to urgent care. You know how you push your toes into the ground now and then when you’re doing something? Well, I didn’t consciously notice it until I could feel the toenail shifting as my big toe pushed into the ground. Yup. Definitely needed to go to urgent care.

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