More final project woes

Dates: 12/7/22 – 12/9/22
Training Days: Week 5, Days 3 – 5
Activity: Strength Training
Mobility/Stretching: No
Ate Well: Ish (good lunches, bad dinners)

Commentary: Wednesday was a blur. I got up early and started working on my final project. What I hate about research papers is needing a reference for nearly everything you write. Like do I really need a reference to prove that wildfires damage homes, infrastructure and landscape? I feel like I don’t, but when I look at published papers nothing is written without a reference.

Anyway, I worked on my project until the workday began, and then I worked. On all my breaks I worked on my project. I was working from home, and by the end of the day I had less than 1,000 steps. And all I’d eaten for the day was a bagel and cream cheese. I heated up leftover tamales from the Christmas party for dinner and decided to take a break by watching a movie.

I was exhausted. Like burnt out exhausted. I fantasized about going to bed early. Like stupid early. Like asleep by 7pm early. But, like an idiot, I picked the latest Jurassic Park extended version as my movie of choice. At least I got to bed at my normal bedtime.

Oh! I also found out that my professor pushed out the due date for the final project! Instead of being due Friday at midnight, it’s now due Wednesday at midnight! Hurray!

Thursday morning, I got up early and knocked out my strength training. It was the Day 2, harder workout, and I was dreading it. The Volt Athletics app asks some questions before each workout. How sore are you? Not really. Tired? Yes! Stressed? You betcha! How’d you sleep? Not bad. How’s your mood? Meh.

My smart Volt Athletics app dropped the weight on my exercises to make it a wee easier since I was feeling rough. How cool is that?! I already loved the app, but now I love it even more.

I did more operations stuff at work that day, so I got in all my steps! Between operator duties I scoured the interwebs for final project references. The last hour of the workday, I may or may not have messed around with my analyses a bit. And as soon as I got home I did some more project work. Sigh.

Thursday night I slept like poo. Friday morning, I was up early again, and as usual, started working on my project. The night before, the more research I did looking for references for what I wanted to write, the more I wanted to tweak my analyses based on what I found. Perhaps I should have started writing before analyzing…

So, I kept researching and writing on Friday morning. By the time I wrote about all the variables in my wildfire risk assessment, I had a final plan for my analyses. I spent the rest of the night analyzing data, and it took way longer than it should have because I made some stupid mistakes. But thankfully I caught the mistakes!

Oh! I did take a decent lunch break, and my husband and I went on a lunch date. It was nice to not stare at my computer screen for a bit and to walk around. And I ate a real lunch! Go me!

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  1. okay, and I was going to complain about a really weird dream that woke me up way to early, and well, then I painted a wall….and now am suffering through watching ski freestyle….but, well, but you’re doing stuff, be good with that

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  2. That sounds very stressful.

    When I was getting my MBA both of my daughters were not even teens yet. We were very busy.

    But, exercise is a great stress buster!
    I’m not a religious person, but when the kids were little we went to church every Sunday.
    For me, it was an hour every week when I couldn’t read or write and I totally tuned out the mass.
    An hour when I didn’t have to think!

    Before you know it, you’ll have your degree in hand!

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