Places & paper

Dates: 12/12/22 – 12/14/22
Training Days: Week 6, Days 1 – 3
Miles: 4 (hiking Tuesday & Wednesday)
Activity: Strength Training (Tuesday)
Mobility/Stretching: Nope
Ate Well: Not even a little bit (except Monday)

Commentary: My family came to Moab for some Bronco driving school that all new Ford Bronco owners get to go to. Monday was their Bronco school day, so it turned into my work day. I worked all morning and hit up urgent care as soon as they opened in the afternoon.

Working Monday. Bleh.

Even though my toenail is mostly not attached except for what’s under the skin, the doc said it’s best not to remove it. Supposedly the old toenail will help guide the new toenail in, whatever that means. So, I just have to deal with feeling my toenail move around. Yuck. After urgent care I worked a bit more and then dove into my final project.

Our sweet kitten enjoying the sunrise.

Tuesday morning I did my strength workout first thing at my sister’s hotel. Then I worked the rest of the morning because we wanted to stay in town until the taco truck opened. After the food truck we were all supposed to go to Canyonlands, but my husband, niece and BIL wanted to stay in town to watch the World Cup and relax. My sister and I went to Canyonlands and enjoyed a couple of hikes, as well as some good, sister conversation. That evening I remembered I still had a take-home final exam to do! It took a few hours, but I got it done.

I told my sister that next time they come out to this neck of the woods they need to do it not during finals week. I completely forgot about the exam, so it put a damper in my plans for finishing my final project. I hope to hell my spring semester classes don’t have final exams. Even though my final project has been a pain, I’d rather do a project than an exam.

Wednesday morning I worked for a few hours, then we hit the road to explore Dead Horse Point State Park. My husband and I had never been, so I was pretty excited. The views were unbelievable, and we spent a solid half hour looking at the canyons and Colorado River and taking it all in.

We had a late lunch/early dinner, and since we stuffed ourselves, the adults went for a walk. I cut my walk short so I could finish my final project because it was due at MIDNIGHT. I pecked away at my keyboard and looked up references for a few hours, inserted some missing figures, added my references (thanks Scribbr!), and submitted my final project with 3 hours and 38 minutes to spare.

It felt so good to have that weight off my shoulders! I didn’t realize how much the final project was nagging at me in the back of my mind. Once we got to our usual home for the night, I busted out my mini bottle of Skrewball and celebrated being done for the semester!

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