Boo (some) changes

Date: 12/6/22
Training Day: Week 5, Day 2
Activity: Strength Training
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping spree I ordered more underwear. They usually cost $26 a pair, but I snagged them for $5 a pair! I ordered my normal size and went about my day. It turns out I ordered version 2.0 of my undies, and I have only worn version 1.0. As a result, I didn’t know drastic changes were made in the construction of my underwear.

The “old” ones had a nice, soft waistband made out of fabric instead of elastic. Even though I am typically not anywhere close to XS, it’s what fit me. The “new” ones now have an elastic waistband. This elastic is tight. Like so tight I have never in my life had a muffin top on my back this bad. It’s so tight the waist of my jeans feel loose because all my fluff is pushed up into super muffin top.

Why do clothing and shoe companies feel the need to constantly come out with new versions of things? If there is something majorly wrong with an item, sure, changing it up is probably for the best. Or if there’s some amazing new technology that will improve the product. Otherwise, if it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it. Especially underwear. It’s not like they need to update it to keep up with current fashion trends. Do they?

Anyway, my strength workout this morning was good. Day 1 and 3 are more mellow, and Day 2 is a hard, ass kicker. Today was a Day 1 day, which was nice because I woke up super tired. I was also starving through the whole workout because I forgot to eat last night.

With no running until my project is done I was a wee worried about getting all my steps in for the day. Lucky for me I had actual operator work to do at work which had me going all over the place.

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  1. I sell this stuff, not necessarily use it, but the frustraition is real. I live in an area where cold is normal for 6 months of the year, we used to sell fleece shorts that women loved….because, well a body part that gets cold always first…and we stopped carrying them maybe 6 years ago, and ever since I still get asked for them, and, nope we don’t have them….grrrr..and don’t get me started on women and sizing!

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