Speaking of stress…

Date: 12/5/22
Training Day: Week 5, Day 1
Miles: 1.5 (walking)
Mobility/Stretching: No
Ate Well: Yes, kind of (skipped dinner)

Commentary: This was supposed to be a a run day, but after doing doubles on Sunday, I did not feel like getting up early to run. My 50-miler isn’t until the end of March. I got time, right? At least I managed to walk to class and back.

I also did something really stupid. I emailed the professor of the programming for GIS classes. I asked what I needed to do to skip the introductory class so I could go straight to the advanced class. Due to time constraints and work only paying for so many credits, I want to get the most out of the classes I take.

She basically told me to review some stuff over the winter break and I’ll be fine. Then she submitted an override, and I registered for her class. So? That means I’m now full-time next semester!!! Three fucking classes!

This means full-time job, full-time school and training for a 100k. No big deal. Oh, and like an idiot I also applied for a spring internship. It’s with NASA, so there’s a good chance I won’t get it. At this point I’m seriously hoping I don’t because if I get it I have to do it. I mean, who turns down working for NASA?!

I love my new little salad dressing container!

When I got home I told myself I did something stupid. He assumed I signed up for another race. Fair assumption. After I told him I signed up for another class he said, “That’s the same thing!” I love that man.

I got to work writing up my final project. After nearly three hours a mere three paragraphs and three tables are all I had to show for myself. Why so many threes? I’m so screwed!

Tuesday night I have to go to paint night. I know what you’re thinking, but my friend just found out her husband was having an affair, so I can’t very well ditch her. This leaves me with very little time to finish my paper. More than likely I’ll finish it up on Friday instead of driving to Moab. My sister doesn’t fly in until Saturday, so it’s all good.

Because of my poor planning I am forgoing running until my project is done. I decided my strength workouts are more beneficial than running, at least for one week. The idea being the strength training will hopefully help prevent ITBS and and other tendon-related injuries.

Oh, and I forgot to eat dinner or drink water while I was working on my project. Oops!

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