Fair weather runner

Date: 4/15/22
Training Day: 131
Miles: 2.1 (treadmill)
Time: 30 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Max Strength

How It Felt: The run felt good, even if it was short. And it was a good warmup for my strength workout. The strength workout felt good as well, but my hammies were still sore from the deadlifts on Wednesday, so the stability ball single-leg hip extension burned. In a good way.

Commentary: I had no intentions of running on Friday. That’s why I lounged around the house all morning before finally prying myself of the chaise to go to Costco. I wandered around all of the aisles to get steps in, but I only got 2,000 steps. So, I ended up running before my workout to get my 10k steps.

As usual, I did an iFit run with Tommy Rivs. Even though he often talks about training stuff he’s already talked about in other runs, every once in a while a fresh nugget of wisdom is shared. This was one of those runs. He said that if you don’t like running in the rain, you shouldn’t do a training run in the rain just because you’re supposed to run that day. Running in conditions you don’t enjoy adds additional stress. Running already stresses your body, so there’s no need to pile on more if you don’t need to.

The purpose of the Costco trip was to get a new air fryer. Yay tots!

I felt like I really needed to hear that. Lately I’ve been a fair weather runner, which made me feel like I’m not a real runner. A real runner would run outside no matter what. I know that’s not true, but that’s how I felt. After Tommy Rivs’ words of wisdom, I no longer felt bad about running on the treadmill when it was cold or stupid windy outside. Those runs make me miserable, and it’s true, they do take a mental toll. I’ll get way more out of a treadmill run on days like that.

I feel lame for ever thinking I wasn’t a real runner because I’ve been running on the treadmill so much. I feel lame for having to hear from an iFit trainer that it’s okay not to run when the weather isn’t to your liking. But it is what it is.

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  1. a lot of runners/triathletes will train indoors a lot to avoid injuries, there’s nothing wrong with a run or a spin in-doors…..but, outdoors is special…..but we all have things right? me it’s scheduling..like today having a huge day plan, and freaking out when I have no child care today….pouting, not running early…and, then, realizing, real life happens…watching the Boston Marathon….watching runners times, those are my half marathon times! grrrr

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