Pull-up to Spartan

Date: 4/2/22
Training Day: 118
Miles: 4 (treadmill)
Time: 53 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: Since my right glute is useless, the dumbbell box step ups in yesterday’s workout was tough to do on the right side. I noticed I used my left leg to help launch my right side up. And now today my left calf is noticeably more sore than the right. I guess I need to make a conscious effort not to use my left side to help my right side. Sigh.

Today I planned to run outside, but it was stupid windy, like howlin’. Even though I’m getting super tired of the treadmill, it was a great run!

Commentary: Thursday afternoon at work I got fidgety waiting for our supervisor to release us for the weekend. I stretched up in my cubicle doorway and curled my fingers up over the frame. Out of nowhere I tried to do a pull-up. And guess what? I fucking did one!

The last time I remember doing an entire pull-up without any sort of assistance was sometime in elementary school. I’m not 100% sure I could even do one in junior high. In the past decade I have done weight and strength training on and off, and never have I been able to do a pull-up unassisted. Not even when working with my personal trainer last year.

Last year, with as much as I was working out, I feel like I should have been able to. I don’t blame my personal trainer. I blame myself. He probably prescribed a great training plan, but I didn’t follow it properly. I didn’t rest for the prescribed time between sets. I didn’t do the exercises in the order prescribed. I modified almost every single workout so they would take less time.

Love morning kitty snuggles!

The Volt Athletics app explained each training block and the importance of rest and doing the exercises in order. Knowing the why behind each workout, I have done each workout as prescribed. Perhaps this is why I can now do a pull-up even though none of my workouts have included pull-ups?

Since I’m following the workouts, this strength training cycle is probably more effective than the one last year. Last year, I was training for the Montana Spartan Beast. This year, I have been training to improve my running and overall strength. But the sport I picked for my Volt training plan was obstacle course racing, so it got me wondering how well it’s prepared me for an OCR.

Although I had a horrible experience at the Montana Spartan Beast last year, I just signed up for it again this year. I want to see if I do any better than I did last year. I probably should have thought about this beforehand though because my Volt training plan has me peaking in time for my 55k. Oh well.

I also joined the local CrossFit gym’s Spartan Team. Even though I don’t CrossFit and probably never will, they welcomed me with open arms. It’ll be nice to run with a group. I can’t say I’m excited about the Spartan, but I am excited to see how well I do on the obstacles.

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