Mindful eating

Date: 4/3/22
Training Day: 119
Miles: 9.9
Time: 205 min
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Weather: Mid 50s
Activity: Strength

How It Felt: The run felt fucking fantastic! The gentle hills were just challenging enough, the downhills were fun, and picking up the pace a bit for some moderate intensity training felt great. The strength workout felt alright, probably because I was a wee tired after my run.

Commentary: During the work week I did a great job tracking my calories. On my days off, not so much, but I didn’t gorge myself or binge on sweets and junk food. I’m calling it a win. Besides, if I do deprive myself of all the fatty foods I enjoy, I’ll eventually end up binging and regretting it.

On Saturday we ate lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant in town. It’s run by an Italian family that came here from Italy. Everything is made from scratch, and everything I’ve had so far is AMAZING! I ordered the gnocchi carbonara with no bacon.

Passed this awesome spot on the river, and one these days I’m going to fish it!

Usually, I shovel delicious food in my face and inhale it like a vacuum cleaner. This time I slowly ate one or two pieces at a time. I savored each bite. Probably for the first time in my life I actually ate mindfully. By the end of lunch, dessert included, I wasn’t stuffed or uncomfortable.

Since I started counting calories I’ve been limited on what I can eat because 1200-1500 calories a day is not a lot. Because of this, I tend to savor what few indulgences I allow myself, and I’m thoroughly enjoy it. My goal is to keep it up even after I stop counting calories.

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  1. is this that day…two blogs, and healthy eating seems to be the topic, on a day that I’m kinda close….okay, the caramel macchiato is healthy right?…..after a great weekend I needed the treat…..

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