Guilt-free relaxation

Date: 3/11/22

With the impending time change this weekend, a responsible person would probably try to at least go to bed at the usual time, if not earlier. Not me! I stayed up to almost midnight last night and slept in until 7:30am. Quite the opposite of preparing to roll the clocks forward an hour.

Oh well!

Every once in a while I just need to fuck off and relax and not be responsible without feeling guilty. Most of the time I feel guilty about not being more productive or responsible. The weight of things I still need to do keeps me from fulling enjoying my fuck-off time.

Not today!

I lounged in bed for two hours after I woke up. It’s past noon, and the most productive thing I’ve done is order replacement parts for our Roombas. They’re the real heroes in this house, and they deserve to have nice parts. A couple of times I found myself starting to feel guilty…

Enter my husband.

He spent the morning golfing, and during our text message exchanges I informed of my slothly activities. His responses were, “I’m prooud of you doing some resting,” and “Well, glad you relaxed this morning.” His positive reinforcement of my laziness, aka relaxing, swept away all traces of guilt.

I might get annoyed at my husband for spending more time relaxing than productive. But without him, I don’t know if I would relax as much as I do. He and I balance each other out, and it’s wonderful.

Not that today is all bubble baths and hot tea. Whenever my husband gets done golfing he’s picking up the part we need to fix our van! With any luck whatsoever we can fix it up and drive to warmer this weekend. I might not be feeling the greatest, but I still want to get my long run in, regardless of how easy I need to take it.

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