Double, double

Date: 2/23/22 – 2/24/22
Training Day: 80 & 81
Miles: 3.8 (hill repeats, treadmill) & 2.5
Time: 50 min & 35 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activities: Strength – Power

How It Felt: Wednesday – Since it was my first time doing hill repeats on the treadmill, I wasn’t sure how fast to go. I slowly upped my speed with each repeat, and I think a 10 min/mi is just about right for now. It’s hard, but sustainable for a full minute at 4.5% incline. The strength workout was good, but after the last block, it seemed a little mild.

Thursday – Easy run felt pretty good, and the strength workout was pretty good as well.

Commentary: For some strange reason, when I went to start my Garmin on Wednesday morning, it already showed 0.24 miles ran. Huh. I exited out of the treadmill activity, opened it back up, and it still ready 0.24 miles. Not wanting to spend half the morning fucking with it, I just hit start and ran to nowhere.

While I was running I realized I should have started a run, stopped it, discarded it, and tried again. If that ever happens again, I shall try it.

Thursday night, I used the rests between sets to get my poop in a group for our trip to Las Vegas to see Metallica. The three-minute rests between certain sets usually annoys me and feels like a waste of time, but this time I appreciated them.

My husband and I got the van all packed up and hit the road. Then he noticed the check engine light was in. We stopped at the auto parts store to read the code, and it was not something we wanted to drive with. So, we turned around, unloaded the van, and decided to leave EARLY Friday morning in my car. It was disappointing, but at least taking my car meant spending less money on fuel!

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