Impending diabeetus

Date: 2/15/22
Training Day: 72
Miles: 2.7 (strides, treadmill)
Time: 35 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: The run felt good! I even managed to warm up and do a wee bit of stretching before the run.

Commentary: Yesterday I was supposed to get back to eating like a normal person, but that didn’t happen. First, a coworker brought in donuts, and my fat ass ate two of them. Second, one of our managers was moving to a different job, so someone brought in cake and ice cream, and of course I ate some.

It wasn’t until dinner that I managed to eat something not sugary and sweet. Pretty sure the diabeetus is lurking just around the corner, so I should probably stop eating like a little kid visiting the grandparents. But did this stop me from eating leftover cake for breakfast when I got to work? Fuck no!

To make myself feel better, I’m telling myself that I’m slowly weening myself off my fat kid diet. Uh huh…

I’ve also decided that I would have a way better chance of eating healthier if I didn’t have a job. Coworkers bringing in sweets is a real problem because I have no willpower or self control. The temptation must be removed for me to save myself. Just another reason I should quit and move into the van…

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  1. I just finished a nutrition talk for my virtual learn to run clinic, and my diet today….okay the morning oatmeal was good for me, 3 cups of coffee with two spoons of sugar, a cinnamon bun, tea, some chocolate, and finally made a chicken stir fry for the family, so unhealthy for most of the day…do as I say not as I do?

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