Impending doom

Date: 1/9/22
Training Day: 35
Miles: 3.1 (walking, outside)
Shoes: Xero Alpines
Weather: Mid 20s, partly sunny
Activity: Yoga (hips)

How It Felt: For some reason I’ve had a hard time getting myself to do yoga, but since I committed to doing yoga once a week, I finally got a practice in today. It felt amazing! The walk was also good. I went with a friend, and we had a blast trying not to slip on the large patches of ice covering the Greenbelt.

Commentary: Today is the last day of my five-week “pre-training” phase. Tomorrow I start my first official week of training! And it’s also going to be the most fucked week schedule-wise because of work.

Monday is a normal work day – leave for work at 6am, start work at 7am, and get home from work around 5:15-5:30pm. Then I have to transition my schedule to night shift, which starts at 7PM TUESDAY NIGHT, but I have to be there at 6:30pm for turnover. That’s right, I basically have to be back to work 24 hours after I leave. But wait – there’s more!

First practice of the year in my yoga room! Other than decorating, it’s done!

It’s a 12-hour shift, so I get off work at 7am Wednesday morning. I have to BACK AT WORK ON THURSDAY AT 7AM! That’s right, another 24-hour turnaround. My supervisor told me, “It’s not big deal, I’ve done 24-hour turnarounds before.” Maybe it’s not a big deal for him, but I’ve never done that shit in my life! My shortest turnaround on shiftwork was 46 hours.

Although I’m annoyed and not looking forward to the fucked up schedule, I am looking forward to food.

Our job usually doesn’t require shiftwork, so the rare times we do it we cook up a feast. The first two times I was on days. Round one, I made Italian meatloaf, and for round two I made lasagna. I made enough for both shifts, and the nightshift made delicious breakfasts for both shifts. Our shiftwork is for a mere 36 hours, so day, night, one more day shift, and done.

The ice on the river looked pretty cool.

This time dayshift is making grilled cheese and tomato soup, and us nightshift folks are making waffles with fresh whipped cream, and bacon. And we’re making coffee. Lots of coffee. Probably vats of coffee.

Despite all this fuckery, I still plan to do all my scheduled training on the scheduled days. My husband has a master plan for me to adjust my sleep schedule, which includes my runs and strength training, so that’s positive. I also plan to sew to help keep myself awake for the transitions. Here’s to a week of fun!

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  1. shift work is tuff, a challenge, but have been there…I used to work a swing shift, thursday and fridays 3 to 11, saturday and sundays 7 to 3, and then sunday night/sunday morning 11 to 7…so yeah, almost 3 days off, but I did ths while training for an ironman…it just comes to creative scheduling, and a really understanding kids and especially spouse…the only lesson I really learned…don’t start renovating a bathroom before you start training for an ironman tri

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    • Yeah, I took this job because it didn’t have shiftwork, and then surprise! Two days of shiftwork every few months. Could be worse I suppose.


    • I’m an operator at reactor test facility. I basically get to stare at a panel that won’t change for 12 hours. Yay… But yes, at least there’s food!


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