Permit for awesomeness

Date: 1/5/22
Training Day: 31
Miles: 2.4 (intervals, treadmill)
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: My right calf and left foot felt a little funny towards the end, but as soon as I stopped running and stretched they felt fine. Guess I’ll see how they feel for my run tomorrow. Other than that, I dropped the pace a bit for these intervals because they were longer, but it still felt good!

Commentary: Last summer, my husband and I did most of the Teton Crest. At the time I didn’t realize we hadn’t hiked the entire trail. We didn’t have a backcountry permit to camp in the park, so we camped outside the park boundaries. I made it a goal for 2022 to do the whole trail.

To do it without the last day being a 20+ mile day, I needed a permit to camp inside the park. Today at 8am MST the reservations for backcountry camping permits in Grand Teton National park opened. At 8am MST I snagged me one for the middle of July. A Facebook event has already been created and two people have confirmed they are coming. It’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait!

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