Warm River Cabin

Date: 12/10/21 – 12/12/21
Training Day: 5 – 7
Activity: Strength – Foundation

How It Felt: The strength workout on Friday was a little tough. I made sure to smile when it got hard, and oddly enough, it made it seem easier.

Commentary: Friday morning I woke up and hurriedly knocked out my workout. The quicker I got it done the more time I had to get my shit together for the cabin. A better person would have started packing way before, but not this girl. I finished my workout, got all my poop in a group, and even managed a quick shower before my friends picked me up.

I couldn’t help but photobomb their pic.

Last year, we skied and snowshoed into the cabin because there was a ton of snow. It was also February. This year, by the time we looked at reserving the cabin, this was only weekend available. There wasn’t much snow, so we decided to drive most of the way to the cabin. We walked the last quarter mile down the steep-ish hill just to be safe.

Thankfully we were able to drive most of the way so I didn’t have to push myself.

The cabin is quite primitive. There’s a wood burning stove for heat and another one for cooking. A little ways past the cabin is a vault toilet. There’s no electricity and water comes from the river. All of marvel how we work so hard to make money to live like homeless people in our free time. But it’s what makes us happy.

The result of drunk people doing box shots of wine.

After getting settled, we started drinking. It started off with a little bit of wine. Then Dennis busted out his long island iced tea concoction and began pouring shots. By the time the last two folks showed up at 3pm, we were all shit faced.

Last year I fell near the same spot and also caught myself with my face on the cabin wall. I amaze myself sometimes, and not always in a good way.

At some point in the night we all went for a dip in the Warm River. On my way out of the cabin I slipped and fell. My knee caught the brunt of the damage, but my face also got scraped up. Who the fuck catches their fall with their face instead of their hands?!

The next day us early drunks were feeling a little rough. But after a yummy breakfast and lots of water with electrolytes, we were back to feeling human. I didn’t do fuck all that day. I brought some of my “PT” supplies with the intention of working on some sore and tight spots, but alas, they sat unused.

A posed picture of us hiking back to the cars.

We played games, took naps, read books and relaxed the rest of the day. It was absolutely amazing. Some time in the woods without electronics or workouts revived my soul, even my body took a bit of beating in the process.

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