Date: 12/5/21
Training Day: 0

Commentary: Over the weekend I’ve gone on a few walks to not only get the fuck out of the house, but to gauge how I’m doing physically. All the walks have been moderately paced on relatively flat paths. The longest was a little over two miles.

Outlook not so good.

My heart rate ends up in mid to high 120s. From walking. That’s what my heart rate usually is when I’m hiking – fast. At the end of my two-mile walk yesterday I was lightheaded and dizzy.

While I’m trying to be optimistic and patient, I can’t help but wonder how the fuck I’m going to be ready to run again in a month. I say I need to be ready to run again in a month because I want to give myself six months to train for the Beaverhead 55k. I can always adjust my training schedule, but I’d prefer not to.

Pretty soon that will be me. Sigh. Photo from costco.com

This got me thinking about what I’m going to do when I do start running again. First, it’s going to be fucking cold in the mornings and cold in the evenings. Cold is not great for the lungs. Second, I have no idea how far I’ll be able to go. I’m sure my legs could carry me as far as I plan to go, but what if I get dizzy a mile from the house?

Then my husband and I went to Costco. As we wandered around looking for garbage bags we stumbled across a dreadmill. It was one of those fancy ones with a touchscreen, 3.5 HP motor, and iFit compatible. I looked online and discovered it was on sale online only. I decided a dreadmill was the solution to get back into running.

Ooooh, touchscreen! Photo from costco.com

Yes, I hate running on the dreadmill. That’s why I canceled my gym membership. With a decent home gym the only thing the gym provided was the dreadmill. I figured running outside would be better preparation for my races anyway, so why not save money. But now everything is different. Now, I’ll have to suck it up and run to nowhere. At least for a couple of months.

Lucky for me, my mom was kind enough to buy the treadmill for me for Christmas. She was grateful I asked for it because she didn’t have to come up with anything on her own. It arrives at the end of the month, so until then I shall spend time on spin bike.

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