On the mend

Date: 12/2/21
Training Day: Uhhh…
Activity: Yoga
Target: Hips

How It Felt: I did gentle yoga instead of hatha, so it was super relaxing and stretchy and felt wonderful.

Commentary: Guess who’s starting to feel better?! This girl! Oh yeah! My lungs feel like they’re almost back to normal. My sense of taste and smell are slowly coming back. I no longer get out of breath walking across the room, and my heart rate is more normal (still elevated).

Since the ‘rona hit me I haven’t done any stretching or yoga, so I was a wee afraid yoga would be painful. Turns out when I don’t workout my body doesn’t get all tight! In fact, for the first time ever my heals touched the ground for downward dog! I’m going to bask in my stretchy glory while I can because starting Monday I plan to ease back into working out.

Other than yoga, what else does one do when they start to feel better? They sign up for an ultra! That’s right, I signed up for the Dead Horse 50k next November. It’s the first race for the Moab Triple Crown. I told myself I’d wait until after the Zion 50k to sign up, but since I’m not doing the Zion 50k anymore, I decided not to wait. Time will tell if this was a bad idea or not.

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