Running coach or no?

Date: 11/9/21
Training Day: 57
Miles: 10.1 (iFit indoor bike ride)
Activity: Core workout

How It Felt: The ride felt mellow and just hard enough. I hate core work, but it was good. My chiropractor visit was also good, but the calf cupping hurt soooo bad! It hurt so good?

Commentary: There are so many different ideas how to train as far as running goes. Some folks say it’s all about the slow, easy runs. Others say it’s all about the hard runs and intervals. Some say it’s all about hard, short and intense workouts, both strength/weight training and running.

Who’s to say who is right? I have no fucking idea, but today I decided to take it easy on my indoor ride to keep heart rate what it would be at if I did a slow, easy run. A little low heart rate training, if you will.

Speaking of training, I think I’m going to get rid of my running coach. I don’t feel like the coaching is personal enough. Right now I feel like I’m merely paying for a training plan. Like my running coach knew I wasn’t going to get any runs in the week before my half marathon because I was sick, and after my race I didn’t hear a peep from him asking how it went.

Maybe it’s because I don’t pay him enough to be personal? The reason I chose this coaching service is because of it’s affordability. Perhaps you do only get what you pay for. I guess I need to pay somebody to care? While I don’t want to fork over the extra money, I would like a lot more coaching than I’m getting.

Part of me also thinks I shouldn’t even bother with a coach and just wing it. I mean, there are plenty of online resources, plus all the experience of the local trail running club. But if I try to do it on my own, will I be the best I can be? Do I need to be the best I can be?

If I don’t have a running coach I can save more money to live off when I quite my job to hike the PCT. But will I be left wondering how well I could have done on my 50k if I’d had a running coach instead of extra cash in savings? These are things I ponder.

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