Under the weather

Date: 10/31/21
Training Day: 48
Miles: 25
Elevation Gain: 640 ft (weak sauce)
Weather: Low 30s
Activity: Yoga (hips)

How It Felt: It’s like my yoga app knows when to take it easy on me because yoga was mellow and stretched all the right places without being challenging. The bike ride was super easy, but that’s just what I needed.

Commentary: This morning I woke up with that feeling in my nose and throat like I’m getting sick. I busted out the Zicam because with a half marathon in five days I cannot be getting sick.

Obligatory bike leaning against something pic.

After yoga I got my poop in a group to drive to Grand Teton for a bike ride with a friend. Her bike is old and heavy, and my bike is light and built for speed. So, when we match speeds she’s working twice as hard as I am. It’s a great workout for her, and since I was feeling under the weather, I was grateful for the easy ride.

By the time I got home I was exhausted. All I could think of was why am I getting sick now?! What horrible timing! I went to bed early, hoping a little extra sleep, along with the Zicam, would help me fight off sick.

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