Bad ultrarunning advice

Date: 11/2/21
Training Day: 50

Despite the copious amounts of Zicam and drinking a shit ton of water, I still feel like ass. The sickness has turned into thick snot that hovers at the back of sinuses above my throat. I can’t blow it out, I can’t snort it into my throat to swallow it, and it just hangs there trying to choke me. My lungs are also starting to feel it.

My running coach told me to skip my run today, which I am grateful for. And today is a work from home day, so I got to sleep in, which I am also grateful for. My fingers are crossed I’ll be feeling better by the time my half marathon rolls around this Friday.

I recently joined a Facebook (Meta?) group, Bad ultrarunning advice. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever discovered on Facebook. They call any distance an ultra, typically only give bad advice, and make fun of themselves. Since I’m not feeling well and have my racing in a few days, I turned to them for help.

Here are some of my favorite responses:

  • The stronger the alcohol, the greater the germ-fighting powers
    • Everclear is a little much for me. Can you recommend a decent but high proof bourbon or whiskey?
    • Your best bet is to alternate shots of tequila and lemon juice. That’ll kill everything in your system.
    • I haven’t been able to keep tequila down in over 15 years, hahaha. But maybe the vomiting will help?
    • Heck yeah. Purge all those germs.
  • You’re probably allergic to the cats in the background picture. Avoid the Mountain Lion post from a few days ago.
  • Meth is your best bet…higher concentration of Pseudoephedrine
  • It’s how you will feel after the race anyways. Might as well start that way

I bought some vitamin C to help me fight the good fight, but only time will tell. My husband suggested I consider not running my half marathon. Is that really an option though? I don’t feel like I’m sick enough to use that as an excuse, especially when there’s no cutoff time. What do you think?

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