Pain in my bum

Date: 10/27/21
Training Day: 44
Miles: 5.5 (fartlek)
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: High 30s

How It Felt: It felt good to pick up the speed! And the cold didn’t bother my lungs nearly as much as I thought it would.

Commentary: The Body Pump class I did yesterday had squats and lunges. The squats felt great, and the lunges were challenging. No big deal, right? Last night I did my PT exercises, and halfway through one of the exercises my right glute started to hurt like it was about to cramp. So I stopped.

This morning my right glute still hurt, but it didn’t seem to affect my run much. Maybe my ground contact time balance, but that seems to always be wonky these days, so who knows.

At PT this evening I had the PTA instead of the doc. After a few rounds of exercises she gave me an amazing butt massage. Like it hurt just enough to feel awesome, but light enough to still be relaxing. And my bum feels so much better now!

For some reason the VA only gave me six PT visits with this referral, which is not enough. Today my PT doc submitted the paperwork to try to get more appointments. I was hoping to be able to get more sooner than later so I could schedule an appointment for the Wednesday night before my half marathon.

Quality time with the cat during my post-run stretches.

Tonight at PT there was an older lady there for her shoulder. Right as we were both finishing up her last exercises she made an appointment for the exact day and time I wanted next week. And I could see the schedule on the calendar, and she took the last appointment for that time slot. Dammit! Maybe someone with cancel?

In other news, my forearms are killing me from rock climbing on Monday. Totally worth it. I’m already thinking that I’ll be back at the rock gym on Friday. Hopefully I can get my friends to go with me again.

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