Another evening run

Date: 10/13/21
Training Day: 30
Miles: 3.25
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: About 40°F
Activity: Body Pump #99 Leg Focus

How It Felt: I was able to up the weight for the squat track, and use a plate for part of the lunge track, so that felt pretty good. The run felt fucking amaze-balls despite the cold.

Commentary: Have I ever mentioned why I prefer to run in the mornings? In case I haven’t, let me tell you. I have the most energy in the morning because I haven’t used any yet. By the end of the day, especially certain days at work, I am beat. My runs can “suffer” because of this. Also, my form tends to be better when I’m not tired, which should make me less prone to injury.

In the winter, however, I believe I will end up running after work because it’ll be a wee warmer. Like today for instance, since first winter abruptly stopping by for a visit. So, I did Body Pump this morning, legs only.

That’s no lie. I walked out the door for work in my winter puffy, a beanie and mittens.

In other news, my Garmin gave me an “insight” this morning.

Yes, Wednesdays have been a rest day. And no, I haven’t been making an effort to get all my steps in for the day. But this week Wednesday is a run day.

The contrary part of me is a little annoyed by this because now maybe my Garmin will think it did me a solid with this insight. Instead, it’s just my training plan, but my Garmin won’t know that because it’s only a watch. Why this bothers me, I don’t know.

Will ya look at that!

Apparently my theory about running in the evening isn’t always accurate. My evening run was great – even my Garmin my thought so! Of course I didn’t do fuck all at work today other than sit on my ass. And I had a super sugary yogurt parfait after lunch. Those two things probably helped out my run some.

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