Weighing in

Date: 10/12/21
Training Day: 29
Miles: 5.6 (intervals)
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4 Mid RSM
Weather: Cloudy, mid 30s
Activity: Yoga (hips)

How It Felt: My right hip is still awkwardly tight, but hopefully I’ll get into PT soon. The run didn’t feel too bad considering the cold weather and different shoes.

Commentary: I’m slowly working my way through The Paleo Diet for Athletes. I’m currently in the section about fueling and hydrating before, during and after exercise. It’s got me wondering how much fuel and fluid my body goes through when I run.

On short-ish runs, like 70 minutes or less, I usually don’t bring any water or calories with me. It got me thinking that these types of runs would be the perfect opportunity to weigh myself before and after the run. Any weight lost would be due to sweating and my body burning whatever it uses for fuel. Glycogen, I imagine?

Since I had a 60-ish minute run today, I decided to do a before and after weigh in.

Before the run…

I prefer to run in the mornings, but I pushed my run off until this evening because of the ridiculous amount of snow that shat all over us in the night. Hello first winter. I’m just not ready for that. Lucky for me, it’ll be back in the 50s by the weekend. Hello second fall.

What I woke up to. Yeah, no.

By the time I got home from work most of the snow had melted. I wasn’t sure what the canal path would be like, so I wore my waterproof trail runners. They’re mids, zero drop, and have minimal cushioning. And of course, the path was clear of snow, and I could have worn regular running shoes. Sigh.

After the run.

The change in weight was pretty anticlimactic. The fact that it was cold and I didn’t sweat as much was probably a factor. That, and I’m not some badass athlete pounding out miles at a wicked fast pace. Still, it was interesting to see the change.

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