My hip!

Date: 10/6/21
Training Day: 23
Activity: Yoga
Target: Hips

How It Felt: While it felt good to do yoga, my hip didn’t feel great during or after yoga.

Commentary: Tuesday night I did a couple of exercises I learned in PT for my IT band. Although my IT band isn’t bothering me, I figured I should probably start doing them again, just in case. And this way if I need to go back to PT for my hip I can tell the doc I’ve been doing my exercises.

I also spent 20 minutes foam rolling my hip. While my hip area in general felt better afterwards, my hip flexor still didn’t feel quite right.

This is the stretch I use to judge how my hip flexor is doing. If it hurts, then it still sucks.

Wednesday morning I did about 30 minutes of yoga using Down Dog, focusing on hips. The stretching felt absolutely amazing. When I did downward dog I could tell how tight my hammies were and everything else. My hip flexor bothered me for every hip stretch.

Throughout the day at work, my hip continued to bother me. This discomfort spread to my knee. Pretty soon I was gimping around work.

Since I haven’t been doing strength training, there’s a good chance that my right quad has lost enough strength to no longer give my knee the support it needs.

I contemplated waiting out the hip and knee pain to see if strength training would solve the problem. Then I thought of my half marathon coming up November 5th. I broke down and contacted my doctor, requesting a PT referral.

While three-ish weeks of PT probably won’t do magic for my knee and hip, it can only help it. Right?

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