Train like an athlete

Date: 10/5/21
Training Day: 22
Miles: 4.6 (fartlek)
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Low 40s

How It Felt: Overall the run felt good. But since it didn’t feel as good as last week, I felt a little meh mood-wise.

Commentary: Yesterday, after I shit my brains out from eating way too much Carolina reaper cheddar, I felt horrible. And with my runs yesterday and today being just okay, I realized I need to make some changes. And getting started on The Paleo Diet for Athletes reinforced this.

I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but clearly I need to remind myself. I am training, as in legitimately training for a half marathon and then a 50k. I can’t be eating like an asshole, having alcoholic beverages whenever I want, skipping strength training, and not stretching enough.

I need to train like an athlete.

Remember that one time when my performance condition way higher this? I want that back.

Athletes take care of their bodies because it means they perform better. Sure, I’m not an elite athlete, but I still want to perform better. I’m not competing with anyone but myself, and so far, the slob me is winning, not the badass me.

First and foremost, I need to start eating better. After the canoe trip my vegan vacation was supposed to end. But who had bacon for breakfast on Friday? And Shepard’s pie on Saturday? And fish on Sunday? And cheese yesterday? That’s right, this idiot.

While I still plan to go back to being mostly vegan, I might throw some fish in there to get a little extra protein. We’ll see what comes out of the paleo diet book I’m reading. My wonderful husband bought me veggies to cook up for dinner. But my fat ass ate a cinnamon roll the size of my face for lunch, and I can’t possibly fit anything else in my stomach today. Anyway…

See that boobie does? There’s a big ass cinnamon roll in there.

Next, I need to at least start doing leg days again because my actual knee is starting to give my problems, not my IT band. And my hip is jacked up in every direction – my hip flexor is tight and sore, my glute feels weird and almost like it’s cramping when I walk, and the whole area around my hip bone is tight.

Now saying all this is well and good, now I have to take action. Like my friend said, “You can really want it but it doesn’t matter unless you really work for it.”

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