Hot spring fun

Date: 5/29/21 – 5/30/21
Training Day: 127 & 128
Miles: 3.8 (hiking)
Hot Springs: 5
Weather: Mostly sunny, low to high 70s

How It Felt: Getting out of the house and exploring with friends felt so good! And it also felt wonderful to have a great time without drinking.

Commentary: Saturday morning four of us loaded up and headed west. The first hot spring was an elusive one, and we spent a good 20 minutes trying to find it. But we found it! The water wasn’t terribly warm, and the pool was shallow, so we stuck our feet in for a bit and called it good.

The second hot spring was a nicely constructed wooden box, complete with cubby holes for your clothes. But the water was way too warm. Downstream was a gorgeous pool we passed on the way in, and it happened to be the perfect temperature.

Three hours later we started our long drive to the next hot spring. This one ended up being a hot tub! We had the place to ourselves for a wee and then got some company. They were a nice couple, and we enjoyed chatting with them.

Our last hot spring for the day was right by where we planned to camp. We didn’t get there until after 9pm, but what I love about this time of year is it was still light out! Me and one friend decided not to go to the hot spring, but our two drunk friends did. The next day we discovered one of the tubs had leaches in it. Eww.

On Sunday we made our way to a popular hot spring that’s a short hike in to meet a friend. I wasn’t a fan of the insane amount of people there, but it wasn’t horrible.

All in all, it was a good time. I stuck with my NA beer, Peace Tea and kombucha, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out. By the time I got home I felt ready to hit the ground running (pun intended) and get back on track.

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