Danger noodle patrol

Date: 5/31/21
Training Day: 129
Miles: 5.5
Danger Noodles: 0
Weather: Mostly sunny, 70s

How It Felt: Short hike, but it felt good to stretch the legs and get out on my own.

Commentary: For the first time in over a week I got up and got out the door to do what I set out to do all by myself. I didn’t need to meet someone to motivate me. I didn’t need to be with friends. Just me, out the door and driving to hike solo.

A quick break before heading down the rocks.

The local trail running group is putting on the Lost Souls Trailblazer Challenge. There are sixty something “trails” to run or hike during 100 days. Some are paved, a lot of dirt roads and OHV trails, and some singletrack.

This challenge also has secret missions. The one that interests me the most is the Danger Noodle Patrol mission. That’s because I really want the prize – the ridiculous hat you see pictured below. To get this badass hat one must take a picture of a danger noodle on one of the designated routes.

Photo courtesy of Dan Beck from the IFTR Lost Souls Trailblazer Challenge FB group.

I. Want. That. Hat. Something fierce! What might be surprising is I am unreasonably afraid of snakes. I’m convinced every single one wants to eat me. I understand most can’t, but if they were big enough, they would. There’s a reason the Bible depicts the devil as a snake. I’m not religious, but I believe they were on to something.

This is a good representation of my fear of snakes.

Anyway, for my entire hike I stared at the ground, looking for a danger noodle. Sadly, I didn’t see one. So, Friday I plan to do another route and continue my danger noodle quest!

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