Date: 5/6/21
Training Day: 104
Miles: 4.3
Time: 50 min
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: Clear skies and high 30s
Strength Training: Back & triceps

How It Felt: I was feeling froggy, so I ran outside this morning before work. The run felt a little rough, and at one point I walked a bit. Think I just wasn’t feeling it this morning (see commentary). The strength training was alright. I just wanted to be done so I could go on a date with my husband!

Commentary: Daylight. I think daylight is messing with my bedtime. Twilight starts a little after 9pm, and it is hard for me to get myself in bed when it’s still light out. Because of this, I haven’t been going to bed as early as I should.

Warmer weather. I think warmer weather is messing with my motivation. When I got home last night it was sunny and warm. All I wanted to do was grab a beer and sit in the backyard. Instead, I shoved food in my face and rushed off to PT.

Something. Something must be messing with my sleep. The last two nights I’ve slept like shit. Weird-ass dreams. Tossing and turning. Constantly waking up because I think my alarm is going off but it’s not.

Sunrise. I know sunrise energizes me. As I was running the horizon began to brighten. The soft light warmed the inky blue of the night, bringing the beginning of a new day with it. I watched the sun paint the sky with pastels on one side of the sky while the night clung for dear life on the opposite side.

I smiled to myself. Suddenly my run didn’t feel so rough anymore.

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