Great day

Date: 5/8/21
Training Day: 106
Miles: 6.7 (+ 6.5 hiking)
Elevation gain: 822 ft (+ 847 ft hiking)
Time: 75 min
Shoes: Hoka Challenger ATR 6
Weather: Sunny, low 50s

How It Felt: The uphills were challenging, and I walked every once in a while. But overall the run felt awesome! The hike wasn’t too hard and felt good after the run.

Commentary: I drove to Boise to see friends and go to a hot springs get together. Before meeting my friend to hike, I stopped at a park to get my long run.

When I arrived I was annoyed because it was a bike park, and parking lots had a lot of cars. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The trails were great, I didn’t see too many folks, and the mountain bikers happily yielded to those on foot.

There was also a lot of super friendly folks. One mountain biker told me I was doing great as she passed me. Some hikers said, “Good job! You got this!” as I struggled uphill past them. And I ran into a trio of hikers three times, and each time we smiled and joked around in passing.

Wildflowers at Military Reserve (the park I ran at).

The park itself was beautiful, a real gem nestled right next to a big city. It made me a wee envious because I don’t have anything like it near Idaho Falls.

Then I met my friend for a hike. More beautiful trails and scenery, and a lot of good conversation. Afterwards we went back to her place to have dinner before her husband and I went to the hot spring get together.

Military Reserve.

The hot spring ended up being a seep that the event organizers piped into a tarp tub. But it was a good time, and I enjoyed meeting everyone.

Although I went nonstop all day, it was still one of the better days I’ve had in a while. I felt motivated to run, got to enjoy some good company, and spent half the day outside. I think it was a good start to getting back on track.

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