Sh!t mood

Date: 4/29/21
Training Day: 97
Miles: 2.5
Time: 30 min
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: N/A (indoors on a treadmill)
Strength Training: Legs

How It Felt: Short but great run this morning! I usually skip past the hilly parts of the treadmill courses, but today I didn’t. I felt strong rocking the “uphills”. I’ve been loving leg day, but today I just wasn’t feeling it (see commentary).

Commentary: Something about today had me feeling… I don’t even know if I can describe it. Bleh? Meh? Frustrated? Done with the day? Annoyed? Like I want to curl in a ball and ignore life for a while?

At work all I wanted to do was go home. Had I not carpooled today I would have taken some PL for the last few hours of the workday and done just that. But no. That probably added to my mood.

Thinking about this weekend had me meh too. I don’t feel ready for the Spartan. I don’t feel like driving seven hours up there and seven hours back. I don’t feel like getting my shit together for the weekend.

My elbow is hurting, and I don’t know why. That’s frustrating. The gym is warm and feels like sweaty feet trapped in steel-toed leather boots. I feel a wee nauseous. Then as I’m sitting on the gym floor, typing this and trying to muster the motivation to do my last exercise, a chick doused with nasty-ass perfume engulfs me in her stench. So, I got up and left.

To top it all off, when I called my husband hoping to get some feel goods to pull me out of this shitty mood, he was drunk. And for some reason that just put me in a shittier mood.

Not that this is the right answer, but I picked up some beer on the way home. My husband is at work, so I shall drink with my cat and try to pull myself out of this funk.

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