My contemplations

Date: 4/26/21
Training Day: 94
Strength Training: Chest & triceps

How It Felt: Getting back to the gym felt so good! The workout itself wasn’t anything special since this is week five of the same workouts, but whatever.

Commentary: Here are some highlights from my contemplation yesterday…

  • This place is starting to feel like home, and I want to enjoy it instead of losing myself in training.
  • I miss spending more time with my husband, and I have less time because I train so much.
  • There are so many things I push off because I have to train, or sleep more because I’m training.
  • Sometimes I don’t want to be the disciplined person it takes to train for a 100-miler. Sometimes I just want to fuck off.
  • Once I no longer have a personal trainer (contract expires end of June) I can shorter my workouts to maintain and have more free time.
  • Once my gym membership is up (end of December) I can workout at home and hopefully save a little more time. At a minimum it’ll be more convenient and therefore less stressful.
  • Since I am no longer training for a specific 100-miler and am just running to get ready for one, whenever that might be, I no longer have an end in sight. This makes it feel like I’ll be training forever.

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