Must have goal

Date: 4/27/21
Training Day: 95
Miles: 3.4
Time: 40 min
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: N/A (indoors on a treadmill)
Strength Training: Back & traps

How It Felt: Not gonna lie, it felt absolutely fantastic to run. Back workout was okay. Now that it’s warming up the gym was muggy and gross.

Commentary: During my run I felt pretty good. Even though it was the treadmill, I was enjoying myself. I fantasized about running outside before work in the near future. Naturally, my mind drifted to running 100 miles.

My final contemplation yesterday is most likely the culprit responsible for my lack of motivation. Yes, I want to run 100 miles some day. But “some day” could be next spring, or some time in 2023, or perhaps never.

I must have a race to work towards. I need a date, a deadline. With a specific race on the horizon I can tell myself, “No, you can’t skip this run or you won’t be ready for that race!”

Over the years I’ve learned how to mind fuck myself, as in work with my fucked up brain to get myself to do what I want to do. Training for a 100-miler is another mind fuck game.

So, I’ve set my sights on the Zion 100 next April. It might be a bit ambitious because it gives me a little less than a year to get ready, but it gives me something to work towards.

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