Warmer Grand Teton ride

Date: 4/18/21
Training Day: 86
Miles: 40
Time: 3 hrs, 15 min(riding time)
Weather: Sunny, low-40s-50s

How It Felt: Today was so much warmer! It felt amazing! And it felt good to make it to 40 miles. Well, my ass hurts, but you know what I mean, lol.

Commentary: Today I had all intentions of riding by myself so I could go whatever pace I wanted. Then I read about the recent grizzly bear mauling. Didn’t find out any details, but I pulled my bear spray out anyway.

Then I remembered seeing a post in a Facebook cycling group about a ride today. I reached out to one of the ladies and asked if I could join. My husband was relieved I wasn’t riding by my lonesome.

I got to the park a little early, so I did a quick five miles before we met up. Everyone was super cool, and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with them again. We kept a decent pace and took just enough breaks.

Yesterday I bought a cheap, blue, foam sleeping pad to use for stretching outside. After the ride I busted out my foam pad and stretched and foam rolled. That pad is probably one of my greatest ideas!

The ride left me famished, so I stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a fat burrito. This time I was smart and only half. So, I didn’t need a nap on the way home.

Do you stretch after a workout? What do you stuff your face with after a good workout?

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  1. Stretching is a must! My foam roller is like a best friend. I take that thing everywhere haha And my food of choice after a run is actually a drink lately. I can’t stop craving cream soda. So weird since I don’t ever drink soda but it’s hit the spot lately!

    So happy your ride went well!

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