Upcoming shoulder PT

Date: 4/19/21
Training Day: 87
Strength Training: Chest & triceps

How It Felt: Personal trainer swapped out the chest exercises that I hated, so today’s workout wasn’t as boring. Feeling strong, which is good because the Spartan is right around the corner!

Commentary: Last week my PT doc said I could start going once a week instead of twice a week if I wanted. I opted to stick with the twice a week this week. But next week I think I shall only do one.

The extra night to get stuff done around the new house will be nice. But I won’t have an extra night for long because I just got a referral to PT for my right shoulder. The fun never ends! And why is it only the right side of my body is jacked up?

My shoulder went wonky back in 2017. I did some physical therapy that didn’t help, so I then I got a cortisone shot. My shoulder felt pretty good until late last year.

Since I’m so happy with my current PT doc, I figured I would give PT a try again. Who knows, by the time I’m completely done with all PT the right side of my body might feel alright again!

Have you ever gone to physical therapy? What for? Did it help?

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