Easy, easy runs

Date: 4/14/21
Training Day: 82
Miles: 4.2 (surges)
Time: 51 min
Shoes: Altra Paradigm 5
Weather: N/A (indoors on a treadmill)

How It Felt: Finally got to do something other than an easy run! It felt awesome to pick up the pace a bit, even if it was just for 20-second intervals.

Commentary: My running coach keeps track of my training using Strava. I know a lot of people who use Strava, but until last week, I was not one of those people.

Anyway, my running coach does what he’s supposed to do and prescribes me runs. This includes the length (time, not distance) and effort. So far my runs have been easy, which means my heart rate should be between 130-150 bpm.

Before I had a running coach, I didn’t pay too, too much attention to my heart rate. I knew the higher my heart rate was the harder I was working, but I paid more attention to how I felt and my pace. But now I not only have a heart range to pay attention to, I also have another person paying attention to it.

So, now my easy runs is actually easy. My pace is a lot slower, but I guess that’s to be expected. I’m sure over time my pace will pick up some.

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