Switching things up

Date: 4/12/21
Training Day: 80
Strength Training: Chest & triceps

How It Felt: Bleh. Third week in a row of the same fucking workouts. And I’m not a fan of this workout, so yeah.

Commentary: Now that the weather is nice I realize I do not have time for strength training on the weekends. So, my personal trainer changed up my schedule. Now Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are my strength training days. As long as I don’t leave town on a Thursday night after work, I should be good.

My running coach said he wanted me to have a few days of running with no strength training, so this works out well. I’ll have two days that are basically running only.

I’m also really digging getting back out on my bicycle. And my running coach has me scheduled for a bike ride every Sunday.

In other news, I sucked at doing my PT exercises these past few days! I haven’t done any since my last PT appointment. To remind myself, I added it to my habit tracker and set a reminder. Need to keep up on it so my knee stays good!

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