Grand Teton ride

Date: 4/11/21
Training Day: 79
Miles: 20
Time: 90 min (riding time)
Weather: Sunny, low-30s

How It Felt: Fucking cold! But the ride itself was beautiful and fun.

Commentary: We were all a wee sluggish this morning after our good times last night. Bagels coffee got us going, and we got to Grand Teton National Park around 10:30am.

It was fucking cold. And of course I forgot a bunch of stuff I meant to bring – full-fingered gloves, extra bottom layer, and beanie. Luckily my friend had an extra set of gloves, and I had my Buff to keep my melon warm.

We started pedaling at 11am. The bike breeze had us shivering, so we stopped twice in four miles to warm up. My hands hurt so bad from being cold. My face was frozen. My thighs were frozen. A part of me wanted to bitch out and turn around. But the bike ride was my idea…

After a mere seven miles we stopped for snacks. We sprawled out like lizards, absorbing warmth and energy from the sun’s rays. My hands even warmed up! But as soon as we started pedaling again, my hands turned back into painful popsicles.

On the way back we had a tailwind and picked up some speed. I was excited to be done and warm up, but the extra bike wind completely froze my hands and feet. The warmth of my car felt amaze-balls!

We’d planned on doing 30 miles but only did 20 because we were mildly miserable. Hopefully next weekend it’ll be warmer because I want to get more miles in!

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