I like to ride my bicycle

Date: 4/3/21
Training Day: 71
Miles: 20 (cycling)
Time: ~2 hrs
Weather: Partly to mostly cloudy, low-60s

How It Felt: I love riding my bicycle! It felt so good to pedal again!

Commentary: I rushed home from the hot springs trip to get my bicycle and gear ready for the first ride of the season. Really, my first ride in almost three years!

Before leaving the apartment I had my husband lube me up with SPF 55. Better late than never! Luckily it was cool enough to wear a light jacket the whole ride to protect my poor shoulders chest.

The lady I was riding with has old, not-so-nice bike with wider, aggressive tires. So, she had to work a lot harder to keep up with me on my super sweet road bike. And I was barely working at all to glide down the road. That goes to show you the difference between bicycles!

We only rode 20 miles because my ass was already starting to hurt. After a few rides my ass with get used to it though.

I tested out my new hydration fanny pack, and I really like it! The reservoir holds 1.5 L, and it has quite a few pockets to stash stuff. I also like that it sits on my lower back instead of my upper back like other hydration packs.

Pretty excited to get more miles in this year!

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