Yellowstone ride

Date: 4/4/21
Training Day: 72
Miles: 30
Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes (riding time)
Weather: Mostly sunny, mid-50s
Strength Training: Legs, biceps & forearms

How It Felt: Leg workout was the same as Thursday’s, so boring! But I did up the weight almost all the exercises. Bicep and forearm workout was okay. I truly despise forearm exercises, lol. Being on the bike felt awesome! My rump didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.

Commentary: Two weeks a year Yellowstone is open to non-motorized traffic. While you can ride a bike in Yellowstone whenever it’s open, riding without worrying about cars is much more enjoyable.

I met my friend, her husband and her other friends at the Yellowstone Visitor Information Center at 11am, and the five of us pedaled into the park. Being the only one on a road bike, I was much faster than everyone else with less effort. The two husbands were quite slow, but the wives were just stoked to have them out there.

At random I would sprint ahead, and then turn around and go back to my friends. After a decent descent us women-folk noticed the boys never came down. They sent me to go back and tell the boys it was fine if they waited wherever they were for us.

With all the extra riding I managed to get eight miles more than the other women-folk for 30 miles total. It felt so good! We also saw quite a few buffalo, and the weather was perfect.

Afterwards we all went to The Buffalo Bar for an early dinner. I stuffed my face like a fat kid! The food coma was so bad I had to stop on the way home to take a nap. But all in all, a great day!

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