Boiled, baked and crispy

Date: 4/2/21
Training Day: 70
Hot Springs: 7 (+1 Friday night)
Weather: Sunny, mid-50s to mid-60s

Commentary: Thursday night four of us set up for the night at a campground with a hot spring. We crossed the icy river at sunset with beers and towels in hand.

Two of the guys found a two-person pool that was the perfect temperature. The other guy and I sat in a pool with temperatures that went from scalding to frigid. Being far from civilization, seemingly millions of stars twinkled above us.

On Friday we started our all-day hot springs exploration around 10am. We hit seven more spots over the course of the day, most no more than a five-minute drive from the previous one. Only one was too cold from the runoff to even soak our feet in, and two were feet soaking only.

Notice the lobster-line right about water level on my friend to the right.

The first two full-soak hot springs were technically the same spot. We hung out in the pools for nearly three hours – in full sun. The water was toasty, and we started getting what we called “lobster lines” – white skin above the water and red skin in the water. Then we moved downriver to what I can only describe as big vats with hot spring water piped to them. We spent another hour there – in full sun.

Down the road we hit up another piped vat and hung out there for a bit – in full sun. The next one was a nice, big pool, also in full sun. By this time one guy got smart and put on sunscreen, and another guy put on a thin hoodie to protect himself from the sun. Too late!

During our nearly two-hour drive to the last hot spring we all realized how sunbaked we were. By the time we were gathered by the campfire for the evening all four of us were complaining about how bad our sunburns hurt. But we already have a plan for next time! Umbrellas!

Recovery and prevention.

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