Pain in my ass

Date: 4/1/21
Training Day: 69
Strength Training: Legs

How It Felt: Leg workout was good, mainly because I got to do squats, and I love squats. Well, good until the end (see commentary).

Commentary: It was my last exercise – alternating dumbbell reverse lunges. I have strong legs, but my hands? Meh. By the end of the first set I could barely hold the 35 lb dumbbells. Before that could become a problem during the second set, I got a pain in my ass.

With my left leg back an unreasonable pain started in my right glute. I stopped mid-set and tried to foam roll my ass. It didn’t help. In fact, even without weight or lunging, just with a split stance, my ass hurt. Huh. So, I didn’t do the last set.

My PT exercises focus a lot on the glute medius, so I’m wondering if it was wore out from last night. Who fucking knows. All I know is that my ass hurts, and I don’t like it.

On a positive note, tonight I’m heading to the mountains, camping for the night, and then exploring hot springs tomorrow. Maybe a good soak with comfort my ass!

Oh, and I talked to my new run coach today, and he’s going to start working on a training plan for me! Yeow! I’m so excited to have someone to help me plan my training around my life, lol.

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