Greenlight to run!

Date: 3/26/21
Training Day: 63
Time: 33 – Body Combat Base
Strength Training: Back

How It Felt: Body Combat was relentlessly awesome, and I worked up a good sweat (see commentary). Back workout was boring, so I added in a few extra exercises.

Commentary: Had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday evening. Doc said it’s good that I’ve been focusing on leg strength, but he doesn’t think that’s the problem. He believes IT band syndrome is what ails me, which is good news because it’s a fairly easy fix.

After He showed me some exercises to do at home, and then used a massage stick on my right hip flexor, quad and IT band. It hurt so good! And afterwards the mild knee pain I had been feeling was gone. So I think he’s on to something!

But the best thing about my appointment is he told me to start running again! There is one caveat – if my knee starts to hurt while I’m running, stop running. And if it doesn’t start hurting until after the run, then I need to cut back on the mileage/time.

Today and Sunday I’m hiking, so I won’t be running until Tuesday. I’m going to start small and only run for 30 minutes and see how that goes. But I’m super stoked that I get to run again! We’ll, it’s not like anyone stopped me from running in the first place, but I feel better having permission from a professional.

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