A** kickin’

Date: 3/25/21
Training Day: 62
Time: 35 – Les Mills Training Cardio #01
Strength Training: Legs

How It Felt: The cardio workout kicked my ass and felt great (see commentary)! Just like all my other workouts, this week, same leg workout as last week, so boring!

Commentary: Holy smokes! I thought my heart might explode in the beginning of that cardio workout. It’s like I forgot how to breathe! When I run I breathe to my cadence. But during a workout video I find it hard to get a good rhythm for my breath and end up winded. Halfway through the workout I had to pause to hit my inhaler.

That being said, this workout was waaaaay better than my Tuesday workout. And this was just a training workout to get you ready for the Grit program! I’m so not ready, lol. I had to modify some the exercises to keep going, and at a few points I simply had to take a quick break before I could get going again.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m impressed and excited with my new workout. I finally feel like I have something to challenge me and get my cardio in. And I have a goal – do an entire Grit workout without extra breaks or modifications to make it easier.

The top graph is the Les Mills workout, and the bottom is my now seemingly cheesy HIIT app. Look at that difference in heart rate!

You know what else kicked my ass? My first COVID vaccine! About an hour after getting the shot I felt nauseous and had a headache. When it didn’t pass I took a few ibuprofen and made some hot tea. It didn’t get me back to 100%, but I felt well enough to do my leg workout after work.

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