Hot walk

Date: 3/27/21
Training Day: 64
Miles: 11 (walking)
Weather: Mostly sunny, mid-40s
Strength Training: Legs

How It Felt: Leg workout was the same as last week, but still good. I also did my physical therapy exercises and stretches. The walk was supposed to be a hike, but it was still okay (see commentary).

Commentary: My friend, who I usually hike with, and I are both tired of snowshoes. We thought Saint Anthony Sand Dunes would be a good spot to avoid a lot of snow because it’s lower elevation and no mountains.

When we got there signs were posted saying certain areas were closed. As we drove we saw signs saying “No Humans.” Interesting. Since we couldn’t figure out where we were allowed to go, we just walked on the road.

As we hiked it started to warm up. I peeled off my jacket. Then my baselayer. By the time we turned around I was on fire. After a bit I considered taking my pants off and hiking in my underwear. But my friend and I thought we were close to her car, so I decided not to.

We rounded the bend and didn’t see her car. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I stopped and took my pants off. The cool breeze on my bare legs felt fantastic.

When I got home I went to Al’s Sporting Goods looking for the massage stick my PT used on my IT band and hip flexor. I found one! And I also found a Nathan running vest, Camelback hydration fanny pack for cycling and a MIPS bike helmet. Good thing they were all on sale!

I don’t feel bad about my purchases because my friend and I already have a bike ride planned for next weekend. Now I need to dust off the ole girl, oil her chain and pump her tires. I’m super excited to get rolling!

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