Dates: 2/6/23 – 2/7/23
Training Week: 4
Time: 10 min (warmup, treadmill) + 20 min (Stairmaster) + 70 min (under-desk treadill)
Mobility/Stretching: Yes!
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: It’s official, lobster bisque is evil. Each time I’ve eaten my tummy has hurt afterward. I’m done with it. I ate a bunch of crackers and drank ginger beer last night to settle my stomach enough to go to sleep. Even though I was bloated the entire night, I still slept well.

Monday, I got up early and went to Planet Fitness. Thankfully the temperature was in the high 20s, so I could go out in just my leggings without freezing. I spent ten minutes on the treadmill to warm up, then hit the Stairmaster. It’s been about eight years since I last used a Stairmaster, and I barely made it ten minutes. My goal for the day was ten minutes. I made it 20 minutes! It was tough, and I was tired at the end, but I was pretty proud of myself.

Monday was a desert day. I’m usually not a fan of desert days, as you might know. Flying by the seat of my pants when adventuring is one thing. I’ve learned that it’s not my thing when it comes to working. But I almost got good news.

My boss is supposedly working on “something” to get me into training full-time by the end of the year. He won’t give me further details, but it gives me hope. I’ve been looking at jobs that pay $15/hour, so being able to keep this job and not be miserable would be pretty sweet.

I spent half the day giving training to one of the new operators. Most of that time was me talking. I have not talked that much in I don’t know how long. Afterward, my jaw hurt. My voice sounded funny. I was so parched. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I probably could have done some homework, but I didn’t have it in me.

Today I got up bright and early to do homework. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the dataset I chose was way too freaking big to work with. Most of the morning was wasted, so I’d start an analysis, work while it was processing, rinse, and repeat.

I also misunderstood one of my professors during class last Thursday. I thought she told us to get through step eight before today’s class. No. She wanted us to get through page eight. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who was behind. Our assignment is due Thursday. There’s a lot of data, so the processing is slow.

In other news, my poor kitten was super sick the past few days. She couldn’t keep anything down, not even water. I was so worried about her, and she seemed so miserable. Luckily, we were able to get her into the vet today. They gave her fluids and antinausea medication. About an hour after she got home she started eating and drinking and hasn’t yakked it up yet.

Question of the Day: Do you prefer to have predictable and planned workdays or dynamic ones? Don’t forget to tell me why!

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