Taking breaks

Date: 2/5/23
Training Week: 3
Activity: Arm & ITBS exercises
Mobility/Stretching: Still no
Ate Well: Mostly

Commentary: Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn’t really sleep? Like you stayed up late and woke up early, except you went to bed and woke up at your regular time? That’s how I felt when I woke up this morning. Eating bacon for lunch and fried chicken and shrimp for dinner was not the wisest idea. My calves were also on the verge of cramping half the night from standing at my desk all day.

This morning I also discovered a fever blister forming in the usual spot on my lip. I tend to get them when I’m stressed or when my lips get sunburned, but usually the latter. Considering I rarely go outside these days (horrible, I know), it must be stress. I don’t feel stressed, but I suppose the pressure of finishing three papers in one weekend could be getting to me.

All work computers have the Wellnomics app installed. It has you take frequent microbreaks to rest your eyes and longer breaks throughout the day based on computer usage. I worked for hours straight yesterday, breaking just long enough to pee, grab food, and refill my water. I downloaded Wellnomics on my personal computer to force myself to take breaks. And I do mean force. I set it up to blur out my screen at break time.

I signed up for Planet Fitness today! The horrid purple makes me want to vomit, but it is a mere half mile from the house and affordable. I want to do some strength training along with the Stairmaster, but we shall see.

Most of the day was spent working on papers. I managed to finish two of them. Until now, any papers that required citations and references stated so in the assignment. None of the three assigned papers mentioned anything about citations and references. This was a relief because I find that to be the most time-consuming part of paper writing.

I have a horrible feeling this requirement is assumed. However, I am too tired to care, and I will not be submitting my two papers with citations or references. In another life, there is no way I would let something like this slide. Must be as close to perfect as possible! Now, I’m telling myself fuck it until I get marked down. Why put in the extra work if there’s a chance it might not be needed?

Because of my new philosophy, I am calling it quits for the day. I don’t have another paper in me today, even if it’s the easiest of the three. Besides, it’s not due until due Friday!

Question of the Day: In what ways does your body react to stress?

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