2022 to 2023

Here’s my obligatory end-of-the-year and new-year post. Let’s start by going through my goals for 2022 to see how I did!

  • Practice yoga at least once a week NO
  • Practice gratitude and meditation daily NO
  • Go on at least one backpacking/fishing trip a month (May – September) NO
  • Go paddleboarding at least once a month (May – September) NO
  • Complete the Wind River High Route YES
  • Ride my bike outside at least once a month (April – October) NO
  • Earn all four Garmin 2022 running challenge stage badges (1,200km by the end of the year, 300km per three-month stage) YES
  • Train consistently throughout the whole year – run and strength training at least three times a week NO
  • Bring running shoes to all my races YES

Three out of eight goals ain’t bad! I knew going into 2022 I probably wouldn’t achieve all my goals. The idea was to commit to doing the best I could and to be proud of what I did accomplish. I feel like I did just that. I also made my goals quantifiable because I thought it would make them easier to attain and track. Yeah, no. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

NYE dinner in the van overlooking Mesquite. No, the raw onion was not part of dinner.

This year, I thought about and chose my goals more carefully. This year, I don’t want all my goals to be super specific because I feel like it puts unnecessary pressure on me. I want this year to be a year of change. Here are my big-picture, non-specific goals…

  • Be as healthy as I can be by trying to do the following most of the time:
    • Sleep at least seven hours a night
    • Minimizing processed foods and simple carbs (grains and sugar)
    • Exercise regularly without injury or burning myself out
    • Meditate and do yoga as my schedule allows (with the hopes of prioritizing them more)
  • Spend more time outside, regardless of what that looks like (just because I can’t go hiking doesn’t mean I can’t walk around the block)
  • Be less bitter about work (a whole post about this is coming shortly)
  • Learn to breathe through my nose while running and sleeping and hopefully all the time unless I’m talking (standby for a whole post about this)

And here are my measurable, not-change-related goals…

  • Complete my first 50-miler within the race cutoff time
  • Complete the Triple Crown of Moab
  • Earn at least a B or better in all my grad school classes
  • Continue to bring running shoes to all my races

Yes, I think these goals for 2023 will do nicely.


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  1. Well done on the Garmin Badges they are soo addictive . I completely forgotten about the New Year’s Day badge until I did a workout and there it was … Don’t think I’ll ever get the running end of each 3 months badge and that’s fine . Last year hit a snag … fingers crossed this year it will be my comeback . Love how you detailed this and how honest you are . Most would scrape over it . You say it as it is and are honest and fresh . Love it . Don’t be so hard on yourself ( says me who does it daily 🤣🤦‍♀️) your lapping everyone sitting on the couch wishing they could start .

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