Narrows & cat walk

Date: 12/29/22
Training Day: Week 8, Day 4
Miles: 5.5 (easy run) + 1.1 (cat walk)
Mobility/Stretching: Still no
Ate Well: Still on vacation

Commentary: My alarm went off at 6:30am. The time-entry permit for Red Rock Canyon at 8am waited for me on my phone. All I had to do was get behind the wheel and drive. Instead, I rolled over and contemplated going back to sleep. Where did my Buff-turned eye mask go? How did I lose it in two minutes?! How did I lose it when it has to be within arm’s reach? Is this the universe telling me to get moving and go to Red Rock?

Miss Oreo, exploring our second stop of the day.

The universe can’t tell me what to do! I dozed off until my phone vibrated me awake a mere 15 minutes later. Hi, it’s me, the universe again. I contemplated my options. I could go to Red Rock, as planned, where the high for the day was only 45°F. Or I could explore Lake Mead NRA a bit more, where the high for the day was 55°F, and go back to Mesquite to spend the night with my husband. Guess which one I picked?

I really wanted to go down the mineshaft, but I figured my husband would be mad at me for exploring a dangerous hole in the mountain by myself, so I resisted.

I wanted Oreo to get some quality time outside, so I pulled over at an empty trailhead. She didn’t seem to care too much for the spot, so I found another spot down a dirt road. She explored that area a bit more, but only if I was outside with her. Next we hit up my running destination for the day – Anniversary Narrows.

Fun, little tunnels.

Back around Christmas of 2020 when I visited my mom and aunt in Las Vegas, I looked at places to explore nearby. Anniversary Narrows caught my eye because I had never seen a slot canyon before. Two years later, I am no stranger to slot canyons, but I still wanted to see this one anyway.

I will never get tired of slot canyons!

An old mining road led to the beginning of the Narrows. Unfortunately, our long-ass campervan couldn’t make it over a precarious hump in the road, so the plan was to run the road, except for the uphills, obviously, and hike briskly through the Narrows. But when I started out, I didn’t feel like running.

Can’t exactly run through that very well.

Thankfully my dear, sweet kitten was waiting for me in the van. She was all the motivation I needed to get back as soon as possible so we could go on a walk together. However, I did take time to check out a mineshaft and a couple of tunnels, and the Narrows forced me to slow down and take it all in. Overall, the run felt good. I can tell I’m losing running fitness, which isn’t good since I have a 50k in a month. Oh well!

Oreo, the advanture cat, exploring the side of the wash.

Back at the van, I cooked up some grub because I was starving. Afterward, I told Oreo we were going on a walk and opened up the van door. She hopped out, and I followed her. I stopped because I contemplated grabbing another layer, and I heard her meow. I looked down into the wash we parked next to, and there she was looking at me expectantly. Uh, I thought we were going for a walk? Stop faffing about! So as not to keep the princess waiting, I locked the van and followed my cat.

Oreo’s “it’s time to turn around” face.

We walked down one side of the wash, crossed it, and were walking down the other side back towards the van when her highness stopped and took a seat. After a minute she turned around and started back the way we came. Oreo is a smart little bugger, but the poor girl didn’t realize we were already headed back to the van. She was done and wanted to go back, but to her, that mean going back the way we came. I can’t say I minded the extra time walking.

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